All My Little Words


All My Little Words


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September 22, 2016

Hi ladies,

Thanks for volunteering to sing this song. Here are the voice parts:

  • Voice 1: Danielle, Melissa
  • Voice 2: Leah
  • Voice 3: Saleema, Emilie
  • Voice 4: Rebecca, Cheryl
  • Voice 5: Mira, Fiona
  • Voice 6: Christine, Miriam

Some parts go really low - so, we may have to bring the song up a whole tone (higher voices be warned. That would bring your highest note to a D - which shouldn't be too bad).

Please have a look at your parts. Voice 1 and 2: I'm sorry. Your parts are extremely easy note wise BUT, extremely important. You keep the whole song moving along and (hopefully) keep it staying in pitch! 

I will send you midi recording files individually. Please have a listen and follow along with your music. Would like to try it this Monday if possible.

Thanks, Dina