Monday Night Choir

President’s Report, June 27, 2016


To Members and Director of the Monday Night Choir,

It is an honor to present my first report as president. Here are a few key points.

1. Thank yous: This past year was an incredible experience because of the collaboration. I am so grateful for each and everyone one of you, for your voices when you sing and also when you share your ideas. You are a bunch of talented and thoughtful people and it felt so special to pool our resources and create something bigger than any single one of us.

2. Survey: The responses in the survey were so useful and we are taking it to heart when we look ahead. A few stats & notes from the survey:

  • 27 respondents

  • 15 think that no adjustments should be made to socials

  • No one thinks there are too many socials

  • Calendar will be appreciated on the new site

  • LOVE: used 26 times

  • HATE: used 0 times

  • 100% of respondents do not own those shoes

  • Regarding questions about the [Members Only] part of the site: New updates from Dina (i.e. homework) will be emailed to you, if you’d like. This will include a members directory with photos so it will be easier to match names to faces. And you don’t have to be on facebook. Non-members will not be able to access this, it’ll be password protected. [...and if you are reading this, you know the password.]

3. Accomplishments of the year: a show that generated so many oohs and ahs. I hope all of you were told dozens of times how special that show was / a full series of videos of our show with a huge thank you to Gordon / transition between treasurers -- very smooth and thank you to Mira for being so organized and to Allison for stepping up / amazing website launched that will facilitate our communications, internally and externally, bravo Ken! / radio! I believe that our involvement in Love Me Some was our first radio appearance? / sectionals & socials get general approval ratings.

4. Opportunities. trying out some new ways to do warm ups that are more inclusive / varying social activities so they aren’t always at bars / karaoke night / getting website up and running

Please keep the lines of communication open!

See you on Monday,