Members-Only Portal on Website

As mentioned at last rehearsal, the choir website is now up and running and includes a "Members Only" section.

I suggest you familiarize yourselves with it since this is where important information will be archived, including updates from me (Notes), recordings from rehearsals and song information (Repertoire), important dates (Calendar), as well as a place where you can see who your fellow choristers are (Directory).

Website is:

Password: lundisoir

If you have any resources about singing, music or any info about the repertoire we are currently working on that you think might be useful to post in the members only portal, please send it along to Leah.
Also, please remember to send Leah your head shot photos:

Mile End Mission Thanksgiving Benefit Dinner - Thurs., October 20

At last rehearsal, we confirmed that most choir members are able to do this concert. Thank you. I have since confirmed with Lou at the Mile End Mission. She has offered to arrange for a bus to take us to Ville St-Laurent. Pickup will be at 6pm at the Mile End Mission. We sing at 7pm.

She has requested the Beatles' "Because" (which we sang last year) as one of the two songs.

Could those of you that sang "Because," please bring your music this coming rehearsal and we will see if it will in fact be doable. Even if you are NOT singing at this event, can you bring your music and we will give it to new members who do not have it.

Finalized Concert Dates

Here are the confirmed concert dates for this term. Please be sure to update your schedules accordingly. Detailed information will be sent to you closer to the dates, and this is all in the calendar on the MO site.

  • Thursday, October 20: Mile End Mission Annual Thanksgiving Benefit In Ville St-Laurent. Transportation provided. Leaving Mile End Mission at 6 pm, sing at 7 pm.
  • Sunday, December 11: Mile End Mission Christmas Brunch YMCA on Parc / St Viateur Call time: 1 pm, sing at 1:30 pm
  • Sunday, December 11: Afternoon Social/Sing Resonance Cafe on Parc. Go there after Mile End Mission concert
  • Monday, December 12: Monday Night Choir Concert Artere (on Parc below Jean Talon) Call time 6:30 pm, concert at 8 pm


From Rehearsal #1, here is a bit of what Gordon recorded (only available on website). 

- Dina