For those that missed last night's rehearsal, we worked on these scenes:

Sc 2-5, 21, 28

Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties and we didn't get a recording of the rehearsal so I just recorded myself playing the individual parts on piano for Scene 2-5, 21, 28 (all parts together) and while I was at it I also did the individual parts for Scene 9. 

Reminder: No rehearsal next Monday (Thanksgiving Monday).

Here's what we will do next rehearsal. FYI: I had a list of scenes that we would rehearse with soloists, but now that Sam has decided there will need to be alot of overdubbing, I may revise that list - hopefully to our advantage. Stay tuned.

October 16

Scenes in bold we need to spend a little more time on; other scenes, just a sing through, so please have them prepared. 

1,6,7,9, 12,15, 19-20, 21-22, 23, 27