I discussed further with Lou at the Mile End Mission and she told me that they are renting a 48 passenger bus for their mission members and there is space for us.

Those of you wishing to drive, are welcome to, however, we will not be able to compensate you for your gas costs.

Those of you who will take the Mission bus, please meet at the Mile End Mission (on Bernard) on Thursday, October 20, *before 6pm, for 6pm departure.*

The songs we will sing are: -Beatles' Because (I will bring copies next week for those that do not have it) -For All We Know (small men's ensemble)

Attire: Please wear all black, including black binders for your music.

Given the time and knowing many of you will be rushing over from work, Lou from the Mission has offered to feed us at the event (pizza or other snacks, yet to be determined).

The bus will take us back to the Mile End after we sing (around 7:30pm).