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Fall 2016


October 17 rehearsal

Here's what we will be working on this coming Monday. Sorry I didn't send it sooner.

Please come prepared. You should be working on and know the material we have already learned and can prepare for next rehearsal by listening and looking at your music, before Monday - to the parts that we are going to be learning then.

  1. Beatles' Because We will work on making it performance ready for Thursday concert.

  2. Space Oddity You should know all your parts. If there are any trouble spots, please take note of them while you practice and we will go over them on Monday. After this Monday, we should be able to sing through the song without too much trouble. Ken: Please have a listen to the recording and figure out how to place your countdown

  3. Enjoy the Silence You should know your part up to the end of page 6. If not, get practicing. We will work on pages 7-10 on Monday.

Sopranos: Is there anyone interested in the solo?

  1. God Only Knows You should know your part up to the end of bar 30/31. We will work on bar 31-39.

  2. For All We know (small men's doo wop ensemble) We will work on making it performance ready for Thursday concert.

  3. In my Room (small men's ensemble) Please have a listen/ look at your part before Monday night.

THIS MEANS: All my little words (small lady's ensemble): we are NOT working on your song this Monday. This is to give you time to learn your parts at home, with the recordings you have. We will sing through it the following Monday, but I do not want to have to teach you parts. Happy to help with trouble spots and such but please do some work at home before then.

See you soon everyone, Dina



FINAL DETAILS Thursday October 20th Mile End Mission Concert

Here's all the info you will need:

What: Mile End Mission Thanksgiving Benefit Dinner When: Thursday, October 20 - leave at 6pm, sing at 7:10pm Where: Crystal Reception Hall, 5285 Boul Henri-Bourassa Ouest, Ville Saint-Laurent

Attire: All black, with black binder (with Beatles Because in it). Please remove any stickers or images you have on your binders. It should just be a clean black binder. If you don't have one, please let me know and we will find you one.

My cellphone number is: 514-823-4778 IN CASE YOU need to text me.


The bus is leaving the Mile End Mission, 99 Bernard Ouest at 6pm. Be there earlier so as to not miss it please!

The mission is going to prepare snack bags with sandwich wraps, a bottle of water and a dessert so that you can all take them and have them on the bus.

We will warm-up in a room at the hall and sing at approximately 7:10pm. The bus will be ready to take you back to the mission right after.

Lou from the mission said her board was so happy to hear that we agreed to come sing a couple of songs - so thank you.



Tomorrow rehearsal + NO Rehearsal Oct 10

Rehearsal tomorrow night will start promptly at 7pm; we have a lot of repertoire to get through.

I want to make sure we go over most of the repertoire since the following *Monday, October 10 there is no rehearsal.*

We will do the following: -Because (sing through) -God Only Knows -Enjoy the Silence -Space Oddity (if there is time) PLUS: Small ensemble songs to get you started (All my Little Words, In My Room, For All We know (for the Mile End Mission show).

I know many of you are going to be absent tomorrow night; please be sure to get caught up on what you miss. 9 rehearsals left until showtime.

See you tomorrow night, Dina



Mile End Mission Thanksgiving Event Details - Thursday October 20

I discussed further with Lou at the Mile End Mission and she told me that they are renting a 48 passenger bus for their mission members and there is space for us.

Those of you wishing to drive, are welcome to, however, we will not be able to compensate you for your gas costs.

Those of you who will take the Mission bus, please meet at the Mile End Mission (on Bernard) on Thursday, October 20, *before 6pm, for 6pm departure.*

The songs we will sing are: -Beatles' Because (I will bring copies next week for those that do not have it) -For All We Know (small men's ensemble)

Attire: Please wear all black, including black binders for your music.

Given the time and knowing many of you will be rushing over from work, Lou from the Mission has offered to feed us at the event (pizza or other snacks, yet to be determined).

The bus will take us back to the Mile End after we sing (around 7:30pm).



Website Info + Concert Dates

Members-Only Portal on Website

As mentioned at last rehearsal, the choir website is now up and running and includes a "Members Only" section.

I suggest you familiarize yourselves with it since this is where important information will be archived, including updates from me (Notes), recordings from rehearsals and song information (Repertoire), important dates (Calendar), as well as a place where you can see who your fellow choristers are (Directory).

Website is:

Password: lundisoir

If you have any resources about singing, music or any info about the repertoire we are currently working on that you think might be useful to post in the members only portal, please send it along to Leah.
Also, please remember to send Leah your head shot photos:

Mile End Mission Thanksgiving Benefit Dinner - Thurs., October 20

At last rehearsal, we confirmed that most choir members are able to do this concert. Thank you. I have since confirmed with Lou at the Mile End Mission. She has offered to arrange for a bus to take us to Ville St-Laurent. Pickup will be at 6pm at the Mile End Mission. We sing at 7pm.

She has requested the Beatles' "Because" (which we sang last year) as one of the two songs.

Could those of you that sang "Because," please bring your music this coming rehearsal and we will see if it will in fact be doable. Even if you are NOT singing at this event, can you bring your music and we will give it to new members who do not have it.

Finalized Concert Dates

Here are the confirmed concert dates for this term. Please be sure to update your schedules accordingly. Detailed information will be sent to you closer to the dates, and this is all in the calendar on the MO site.

  • Thursday, October 20: Mile End Mission Annual Thanksgiving Benefit In Ville St-Laurent. Transportation provided. Leaving Mile End Mission at 6 pm, sing at 7 pm.
  • Sunday, December 11: Mile End Mission Christmas Brunch YMCA on Parc / St Viateur Call time: 1 pm, sing at 1:30 pm
  • Sunday, December 11: Afternoon Social/Sing Resonance Cafe on Parc. Go there after Mile End Mission concert
  • Monday, December 12: Monday Night Choir Concert Artere (on Parc below Jean Talon) Call time 6:30 pm, concert at 8 pm


From Rehearsal #1, here is a bit of what Gordon recorded (only available on website). 

- Dina



Fall 2016 Repertoire List + Recordings

Hi again,

Here is the list of most of the repertoire for this coming term, including youtube videos.

As I always point out: The recordings are just for reference. You should NOT aim to mimic them; it is impossible to sound like these choirs because we are not them, nor do I want you to be; our interpretation will differ and will change as we go through the process of rehearsing. (I chose these because they are the arrangements that we are singing + clear recordings. You're most welcome to listen / search for other recordings)

As you see, this term is 'pop' music inspired since many of you have expressed that that is the sort of music you enjoy singing. For those of you that prefer classical fare, there is Tourdion and Enjoy the Silence (which isn't quite pop) and rest assured, next term will be different :)

There will likely be one more song added to the rep (a song by Beck). Enjoy,



  1. Tourdion
  2. Helplessly Hoping
  3. Enjoy the Silence
  4. Space Oddity (no recording available of the arrangement we are doing so...)
  5. God Only Knows

Last year we started doing smaller ensemble songs (i.e. not the entire choir) for those of you that felt you were able to take on more, and were willing and able to rehearse outside of regular choir rehearsals on your own.

This term the optional pieces are the following. If you're interested, please email me and I will put together the groups. We will work on them a little together but then you are expected to find time outside of rehearsal to work further on them without me. We will touch base throughout the term to make sure everything is going ok.





First rehearsal Monday Sept. 12, 7pm

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all having a great summer. Just a reminder that choir begins on Monday, September 12, 7p.m.

  • Please come 10 minutes early so that we can start promptly at 7.
  • Bring a pencil and black binder (I'll provide the music).
  • Attached is the choir handbook for you to read through.


Sept 12, 2016 – Dec 5, 2016 every Monday night, 7-9 p.m.

NO rehearsal Thanksgiving Monday, Oct. 10; there IS a rehearsal on Halloween, Oct 31.


  • Thursday Oct 20, 7pm in Ville St-Laurent - Mile End Mission Thanksgiving Benefit

We have been invited to sing at this event. Please check your calendars to see if you are available. I will ask for a show of hands at first rehearsal to determine if we can participate.

  • Sunday, December 4, afternoon - Mile End Mission Holiday Brunch

We haven't yet been invited, but we may be asked to sing at this event, as per previous years. Please keep date free.

  • Final Term Concert: Sunday, Dec 11, 2016 (TBC, keep date free)


$25, David, our treasurer, will collect payment (CASH ONLY) beginning at the first rehearsal.

Looking forward to seeing and hearing you all again soon,