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AGM Minutes - Fall 2015 & Spring 2016


AGM Minutes - Fall 2015 & Spring 2016

Monday Night Choir Annual General Meeting Minutes

June 27, 2016 at 7pm

5272 Parc Ave, Montréal


Present: Saleema, Danielle, Lizzie, Cheryl, Allison, Dina, Jeremie, Martin, Pamela, Melissa, Cristal, Laura, Aline, Peter P., David, Spike, Emilie, Juliet, Leah


Items Discussed:


1. Small Business:

  • New section leaders for September term. We will appoint them on first rehearsal in Sept. Responsibilities will be taking attendance and organizing sectionals.

  • Warm up: some of the feedback we got in the survey was that people were not into the massage circle at the beginning. This is absolutely not mandatory, and you are welcome to step aside for any or all of these but we would love you to be there so you can still participate in the vocal warm ups we do while in circle. The purpose of the massage circle is actually to help set focus on choir, loosen up, and enter ‘choir space.’

  • Parental leave policy: the suggestion was made and accepted to have this be a gender neutral policy. So, for new moms and dads, your spot will be held for at least one term, two terms max. To be discussed with Dina on a case by case basis, and as early as possible, please.

  • Fall term: first rehearsal will be September 12, and the last rehearsal will be December 5th. Concert will most likely by the following Sunday, December 11. No rehearsal October 10 (Thanksgiving). Same membership fees: $25.

  • Fall Concert: We have booked the Chinese Presbyterian Church again for the December 2016 concert since it is so cheap and the location works for our more casual and shorter term ($250 for venue rental at Chinese Prez versus $1000 at Ecomusee). [Note: This is now subject to change.] We could also think about giving some money to Mile End Mission this term instead of just collecting canned goods at the door. There was a suggestion to look into getting a space to have tea/bake sale after the concert this time, since everyone enjoyed having some time to mingle at the venue after the June 2016 concert.

  • CDs: There was interest in more CDs from some of the audience members (of new songs). Perhaps we could look into recording future concerts and putting those onto a CD.

2. MNC Executive Committee Vote:

  • President - Leah Garfield-Wright (incumbent)

  • Secretary - Lizzie Smith (incumbent)

  • Treasurer - David Simon (nominated by Leah and seconded by Allison). Unanimous.


3. Dina presented the 2015-2016 Director's report.

4. Leah presented her President's report.

  • She included an important reminder for all choir members to submit a headshot/photo for the members-only part of the choir website. Note that this part of the site is private for only the choir members, and the photos are just to help your fellow choir members put a name to a face.

  • There was also a suggestion for an alumni social event, for all choir members past and present.


5. Allison presented the Treasurer's report. We have an ending balance of $307 more than our starting amount - we started at $1693 and ended with $2000. For additional details please ask the new treasurer (David) for the report.

6. There was some discussion about doing two performances next year - many members felt it would be nice to perform all the material more than once after spending so long learning it. Many thought we would be able to sell way more tickets since we sold out weeks before the spring show this year.

7. Someone brought up a collaboration we did with Phenomena. Does anyone have photos of this?

8. The meeting ended with a screening of our June 9, 2016 concert. The videos from this concert are now available to watch on the website.  (